Dietz Triangular Station Lamp


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Produced from the 1890s to about 1908. Although unmarked, it is certainly Lighthouse Establishment, Extremely Rare, this is a working and complete lantern, which was used by the US Lighthouse Establishment in 1890. Measures approximatly 16" x 16" x 23" tall. This one has the reflector, burner, glass, and all hardware present. This extremely early and rare lantern was used as a river or harbor navigational light, and sometimes could be used without the lens as an area light at stations, on the boat house or inside and outside of the warehouses at depots. This is one of the very few that I have come across and is constructed of heavy weight tin for the US Coast Guard. The lantern has three sides of the housing fixed with clearglass panels. Two of the three panels are hinged and latch with double hasps. Vertical chambers run from the top ventilator down the back to feed heated air up into the lamp burner. Incredibly rare, and even harder to find in complete, working order.





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