1859 Life Saving Benevolent Assoc. of NY Medal to Bartley Garrigan


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One of the precursor organizations to the USLSS , the Life Saving Benevolent Association of New York was incorporated March 29th, 1849 for the sole purpose of saving life at Sea. This medal is one of a kind original , engraved with the following - " FOR HIS GALLANT CONDUCT AS ONE OF THE VOLUNTEER CREW OF A SURF BOAT WHICH UNDER THE MANAGEMENT OF CAPT. ISMAEL MERRIT RESCUED WITH GREAT PERIL TEN WRECKERS FROM THE STEAMSHIP BLACK WARRIOR WHEN GOING TO PIECES ON ROCKAWAY SHOAL FEB 26TH , 1859" The Warrior went aground on Feb 20th , 1859 , and was subsequently blown in a gale onto Rockaway Shoal. There were 10 wreckers ( salvors) working aboard the stricken vessel when the gale intensified and the ship began breaking up. Bartley Garrigan was one of the VOLUNTEER rescue crew to risk his life to save the Salvors. His actions that tempestuous day earned him this very medal, presented by the Life Saving Benevolent Association of New York. This Medal measures 2" in diameter, and everything in the engraving is clearly visible and legible.





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