USLSS Hauser Cutter


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. United States Life Saving Service / Coast Guard Beach Apparatus Hawser Cutter. After a shipwrecked crew was landed from a stranded vessel, it would be necessary to release the large hawser from the vessel so that it could be used again. In this case, the hawser cutter would be used. The cutter is hinged and would be closed around the hawser with the white painted end on the inshore side. The whip was then tied to the cutter and with it pulled back toward the wreck. Once as close to the wreck as possible, the hauling in whip would be pulled, closing the knives in the cutter and severing the hawser. The hawser, cutter and whips could then be pulled ashore. Cutter is in wonderful condition, with original two-color finish and all hardware. Knives and hardware including locking pin, are intact and in good working order. This is an extremely difficult to find piece from the beach apparatus cart. Condition is excellent and this will make an important addition to your collection. Exceptionally scarce, and simply a must if you have a Lyle gun or beach apparatus, or to complete your collection or exhibit.





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