One Pint Oil Measure, USLHE


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United States Lighthouse Establishment Small Brass Light-House Keeper's Oil Measure. c. 1870-1900. Brass one pint oil can was used by Keepers of the Light-House Establishment to measure and transfer oil for the lamps. Can is entirely of brass, and in clean and original condition with a nice oval shaped repair, probably done by the lamp shop on Staten Island. Can measures 5" high and approx. 3 " in diameter. The body of the can is bears the original, distinctive oval stamp: "U. S. L. H. DEPOT, 3 DIST., LAMP SHOP, STATEN ISLAND , N.Y. " Also bears original stamping " U. S. LIGHT-HOUSE ESTABLISHMENT" beneath.This is one of the best conditions that we have yet found in this rare small size. THIS STYLE OF CAN IS A RARE FIND.





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