1874 Luchaire Lighthouse Lamp From Feu Du Dragon



ORIGIONAL LIGHTHOUSE LAMP FROM THE FU DE DRAGON LIGHTHOUSE IN BASTIA, LOCATED AT NORTHERN TIP OF CORSICA. Bastia Feu du Dragon<br /> 1864. Inactive since 1904. Approx. 10 m (33 ft) round masonry tower with gallery, unpainted, rising from the roof of a 1-story building within the Bastion du Dragon. The old lighthouse rises from the white building in the left foreground. Photo that shows the lighthouse centered beween the modern Jet"e du Dragon (left) and M"le G"nois lights. order 1874 Luchaire Lighthouse Fresnel Lens Lamp. Still has the wicks in two of the three places. Very rare and we have never seen another. Important part of Italian Lighthouse History.





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