Builders Plate from USLHS Lightship Engine 1932


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Wow, this is the Brass Engine makers plate from the US LIghtship "Ambrose" LV 87, now on display in New York harbor. In 1932 the ship had it's steam power replaced with a new Winton 300 HP Diesel engine. Also designated as LV 87/WAL 512, the first Ambrose Lightship was built in 1907, costing just under $100,000. Originally, it had three oil lanterns shining from each masthead, but they were replaced with electric lights in 1908. The ship had two fog signals, a 12-inch steam whistle and a hand-operated fog bell. By 1921, the ship had been further equipped with a submarine bell, a two-way radio, and a radio beacon. While out of the water for a major overhaul in 1932, the ship's original engine was replaced by a Winton diesel. This is the Makers plate from that vessel.





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