USLSS Bronze Type C Lyle Gun


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Fantastic USLSS Lyle Gun in Firing condition. Cast in 1900 by the American Ordinance Co. It bears serial number 463, and has the inspectors stamp of F. E. H. The Carriage has been restored to Firing condition as has the firing mechanism. You have an eye for the finest of the United States Life Saving Service History. This Bronze Type C Lyle Gun has been used during the past 109 years to save lives and keep our mariners safe. We have personally done several live firing demonstrations with the Breeches Buoy using this very gun, and it fires just as it did over a hundred years ago. We will include the .32 cal firing mechanism AND an original USLSS firing lanyard, just discovered in a private collection. Fabulous piece of our nations history. $15k and absolutely the best buy ever for this type of maritime artifact. is one of the finest we have ever seen.





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