1883 USLSS Life saving Service Lyle Gun type C


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If you are looking for the rarest of the rare in USLSS artifacts, this may be the one. USLSS Bronze type C Lyle Gun cast in 1883 by the West Point Foundry and bearing Serial Number 228. This numeric serial number range and the 1883 casting stamp puts it in the Era of Joshua James, and it is possible that James could have had his hands on this Gun. It was used extensively throughout it's 52 years of service before being Relined by the USCG in 1937 as seen in the pictures and used as a drill Gun to train USLSS Crews and then Coast Guard lifesavers. Amazing to find such a piece with BOTH stamps of the USLSS and the WvA stamp from the Coast Guard in 1937. The even more outstanding feature of this gun is the stamp "Drill Gun 4 oz Max Charge" which is clearly stamped on the Barrel. We can only guess how many rescues and how many Surfmen had their thumbprints on this rare artifact. The Original Carriage still bears the original USLSS markings. If only it could speak what tales it may tell........



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