USLSS MARKED Springfield 1884 Carbine Line Throwing Gun


Stock Number: #258


USLSS MARKED - This is an 1884 SPRINGFIELD TRAPDOOR CARBINE LINE THROWING GUN. Extremely rare as it is the only one we have ever seen marked by the USLSS , there is mention of it's use in the records of the USLSS for a limited time. This gun has a specially shortened smooth bore barrel, and amazingly still has the complete line barrel with the original line still intact! Breech block is dated 1884. Cartouche is excellent. A letter 'A' is stamped on top of barrel over chamber along with 'V P Eagle' on the left side of chamber. Walnut stock is very good, no cracks. A very uncommon gun, the only one that I have ever seen. Antique, No FFL needed. Brass projectiles included.





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