US Lighthouse Brass 5 Gallon Oil Transfer Can


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U.S. LIGHT HOUSE ESTABLISHMENT BRASS 5 GALLON OIL TRANSFER CAN WITH STAMPED US LIGHTHOUSE BRASS SPIGOT. This is a very interesting piece, with the spigot opening having been soldered shut by the lamp shop or the keeper to make it into a sealed oil storage can. We have managed to find the Brass spigot which will go with this item. The pouring spout with cap and chain is also present, and this item appears as if it will still hold oil. Very nice polish and clear coated. Rather than for carrying oil to the light tower, this style of 5-gallon can was for use in the keeper's house or tower for dispensing oil for his lamps, thus the valve at the base of the can. Side of can marked: "U. S. LIGHTHOUSE ESTABLISHMENT". Brass oil can is original, with quarter-turn valve at the base, and vent on the top. With almost no expected dents, this can is in as nice a condition as they come. Overall approx. 11" dia. Overall height 16" (22" to top of wooden swing handle.). We have only ever seen on the market one other of this wonderful and rare style of oil can. Near fine, as nice as they come. (VG+).





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