US Lighthouse Service Deitz No 1 lantern


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Hand lanterns were issued to each US lighthouse in a set, a number one and a number two hand lantern marked as such. Pictured is a number one hand lantern. Lanterns were marked so as to not get them confused with the other style when they were needed. A keeper could say "get the number one lantern" and anyone he asked would know which one to get.This type of lantern was hung in the lantern room above the lens as the keeper was lighting the lens lamp for that evening and was readily accessible if the light were to go out. It could be hung in view of the water in the lantern room. This was a back up if something were to happen to the main lens lamp to temporarily get the light out while re-lighting or repairs were made to the main oil lamp.As with all objects in the lighthouse service, it was marked with a US Lighthouse Service Plate as seen in the photographs. This was one of the few items that the lighthouse service purchased from outside vendors as they made themselves most everything they needed.We have also learned something about the lanterns from a person at A #1 lantern has a #1 burner in it which uses a 5/8" wick. A #2 lantern has a #2 burner and uses a 7/8" wick. The #1 lantern will burn approximately 30% longer than the same size lantern equipped with a #2 burner. Light output is also reduced approximately 30% as well.The Dietz #1 Blizzard lanterns were only made from 1898 to 1908 and are infinitely more rare than the #2 version.





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