US Lighthouse Establishment Banjo Wall Clock


Stock Number: #265


Beautiful hand made reproduction clock would grace any wall. Clock includes painted zinc dial, hand made by a professional metalsmith, and measures 26 " inches overall height, 12 inches overall width, and 5 " deep. Beautiful dark mahogany finished case with hand applied satin overlay includes a wood bezel, 31-day key-wind time and strike pendulum movement (hour and half-hour strike), rack and snail striking mechanism and barrel enclosed mainsprings. Beautiful Light House Establishment reverse painted glass tablet is lettered with 23k gold. Hand made and hand painted dial on zinc plate is set off by paired spade-style hands. Included are a brass pendulum bob with wood rod, hinged throat door, and wire gong with metal base. The case is enhanced with a new finish of dark mahogany with a hand applied satin lacquer overlay. Winding key is included.





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