5th Order Large Lighthouse Fresnel Flashing lens from RAS AL HADD Lighthouse


Stock Number: #281


Very rare and unusual 5th Order Large (400mm ID). Manufactured Ca 1920's by William Wylue Glass works, Germany. Useful Range approximately 12 Miles. This is a rotating lens with 6 flash Panels. Very Heavy Nickel Coated Brass Frame. Stands 35" tall x 27" diameter. Was in service in the Persian Gulf until the 1960's when De-commissioned. NOTE: We just received the following message from a keeper who worked at MENAS back in the day and remembers servicing this very lens - The lens (6 x panel 200mm focal optic) was part of a AGA PRDA-51 Dalen revolving incandescent mantle arrangement using two (one spare) DBRB-200 mixers and was purchased from AGA -UK in 1969 for Ras Al Hadd lighthouse located on the most eastern point of the Arabian peninsula where the Gulf of Oman meets the Arabian sea. Back in the day I use to visit the lighthouse twice a year to replace the gas cylinders and service the light. We replaced the gas light in the late 1980s with a solar powered light assembly.





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