500mm 4th order AGA Lightship Light



500mm AGA Aceteleyne powered Buoy Light with Mantle Changer Bronze Base. This is the Largest of it's kind, made with 4 mantle changer to make it the most reliable aid to navigation in the world at the time. Built by AGA i Sweden Ca 1920, this awesome beast was used aboard a Lightship in the Persian Gulf for over 40 years until De-commissioned in the 1960's. It has undergone a 2 year restoration, and now is clear coated for display. The entire Mechanism is intact and the Mantle Changer is still functional. The AGA Sunvalve is also included. The Sunvalve is a work of art in itself, as it was the worlds forst practical "photocell". It would sense light and shut off the supply of gas in the morning, and then re - light the gas at nightfall. This doubled the time between service and was a great savings the Maritime Authorities.



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