Lamp Filler / Lucerne U.S. Lighthouse Establishment


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United States Lighthouse Establishment Lighthouse Lamp Oil Filling Can c.1870-1900. Scarce, original, early United States Light House Establishment brass oil can is in good condition. The bottom of the can is bears the original, distinctive oval stamp: "U.S.L.H. DEPOT, 3 DIST., LAMP SHOP, STATEN ISLAND , N.Y. " Also bears original stamping " U. S. LIGHT-HOUSE ESTABLISHMENT" above. Brass oil filler is nearly original, with its original side handle and top cap with chain. Missing are only the cap and chain for the spout. Can has only a few very small dents on the side and base. Spout brace is present and solid but needs brass retainer at the spout. With few other dents, otherwise complete and will be a fine display piece. This is a very nice example of this sought after style of lamp filling can, Not polished, but will polish up beautifully. Can base measures 7" diameter. Overall height 6 ". Overall diameter approx. 11 ".





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