1906 Gamewell Lighthouse Fog Bell Striker


Stock Number: #310


1906 Gamewell US Lighthouse Establishment Fog Bell Striker and Fog Bell. This is the Gamewell Model 4, and it was extensively used by the Lighthouse Establishment for striking the Fog Bell at many US Lighthouses. We have restored this unit to working condition and paired it with a 300 LB Trinity House Fog Bell. The Bell has been polished and Powder Coated, and a Pedestal base fabricated to mount it. The Gamewell Striker also has the Edison Battery Powered Coil Paks to allow the Keeper to set the Fog Signal in motion from the Keepers Quarters without having to go out to the Fog Bell Tower. The Striker works from a heavy weight, suspended below the mechanism. Winding up the drum would allow the striker to operate for a long period of time between windings. This unit is all mounted to a hardwood Platform that allows operation of the Bell.





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