Brass 1 Gallon Graduated Oil Measure Can


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U. S. Light-House Establishment Brass Light-House Keeper's 1 Gallon Oil Measure Can. c.1870-1890. Brass 1 Gallon oil can was used by Keepers of the Light-House Establishment to measure and transfer oil for the lamps. Can is entirely of brass, and in clean and original condition with few if any marks and only one very slight dent, no repairs. Can measures 11" high and approx. 8" in diameter and is marked off in increments of pints and quarts The body of the can is bears the original, distinctive oval stamp: "U.S.L.H. DEPOT, 3 DIST., LAMP SHOP, STATEN ISLAND, N.Y." Also bears original stamping " U.S. LIGHT-HOUSE ESTABLISHMENT" beneath. Polished beautifully, and one of the best conditions that I have yet found. THIS STYLE OF CAN IS A RARE FIND. (VG+).





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