CA. 1880'S SCHAEFFER AND BUNDERBURG ANTIQUE STICK BAROMETER. LATER MARKED WITH THE USCG TAG IDENTIFYING IT AS FROM THE CAPE HENRY LIGHTHOUSE U.S.C. 321. THERE IS A MAKER TAG ON THE BACK WHICH INDICATES THIS BAROMETER WAS POSSIBLY MADE MUCH EARLIER BY L. PEDRONE OF 78 MARKET STREET, CARLISE. THIS COMPANY DATES BACK TO 1760'S.<br /><br />SCHAEFFER AND BUNDERBURG WAS FORMD IN 1880, WHICH MEANS THAT THIS BAROMETER WAS LIKELY FIRST INSTALLED IN THE "NEW" CAPE HENRY LIGHTHOUSE BUILT IN 1881.<br /><br /><br />The Cape Henry Lighthouse silently guards the entry way into the Chesapeake Bay. Standing near the "First Landing" site of the Jamestown settlers where in 1607, Captain Newport raised a cross to offer thanks for their safe crossing of the Atlantic, the Lighthouse has stood sentinel since it was completed in 1792.<br /><br />Authorized by George Washington and overseen by Alexander Hamilton, the construction of the Cape Henry Lighthouse was one of the first acts of the newly formed Federal government. The octagonal sandstone lighthouse was designed by New York architect John McComb and was in active use for nearly a century before being replaced by a new cast iron lighthouse still standing nearby. It is one of the oldest surviving lighthouses in the United States.





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