1882 Sector Fresnel Lens from Archer Point Lighthouse


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Amazing and rare example of a Sector Lens, possibly the only one left in the world today. 1882 Chance Brother Sector Lens was made for the Archer Point Lighthouse in Queensland , Australia. The original Lighthouse was built in 1883. History:

The original Archer Point Lighthouse was very similar to the structures on Geese Island, Flat Top, Bay Rock and Grassy Hill - a timber framed tower sheafed in rolled galvanised iron sheeting.

The lighthouse is prominently situated on a grassy hill.

Archer Point lighthouse, with the now disused Rocky Islet lighthouse once formed the lead between the Hope Islands and the mainland to the south, and to the north between the mainland and the coral reefs to the eastward.

At night, the white sector of the light indicates the clear passage and the red and green sectors indicates the ship is outside the channel.





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