Allis Chalmers Steam Engine Brass Revolution Counter


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Beautiful hand-polished Solid Brass Historic ALLIS-CHALMERS COMPANY of CHICAGO, ILLS. MILWAUKEE WORKS REVOLUTION COUNTER - Extremely rare and of great interest to collector's of both Allis-Chalmers Co. and The Ashcroft MFG Co of New York. Spectacular find that calls for an executive display.

This collector's item was Manufactured by The Ashcroft Mfg Co. of New York. ca Early 1900's It proudly displays the actual recorded revolution number 600773. It's natural patina has been carefully nurtured so as to sustain it's authenticity. Research shares with us...

Allis-Chalmers started out as a small burr millstone maker in 1847. By 1979 they had grown into a $2 billion corporation and were one of the important machinery manufacturers in the United States. The original company, known as "Edward P. Allis & Company" was built by E. P. Allis of New York after acquiring a shop called "The Reliance Works". The Reliance Works' list of products included French burr millstones, portable mills, water wheels, shafting, hoisting screws and much more.

In 1869 the company expanded into steam power and soon after followed the first Allis steam engine. The company line-up grew to include steam pumps including the largest centrifugal pump in America in 1884 and the first triple expansion pumping engine two years later.

Twelve years after the death of Edward Allis, the company merged with Fraser & Chalmers Company, Gates Ironworks and the Dickson Manufacturing Company. These mergers led directly to the forming of the Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company in 1901.

Allis-Chalmers built its first farm tractor in 1914. The tractor business grew, and in 1928 a line of crawler tractors was started. The acquisition of several additional companies in the upcoming years, such as the LaCrosse Plow Company and Advance-Rumely added an extensive line of tillage implements, threshers and combines to the line-up.

The Allis Chalmers Manufacturing Company acquired the Allis Chalmers Company in 1913. At the time the owned the Dickinson Manufacturing Company, Scranton, PA; Fraser and Chalmers, Inc., and Gates Iron Works, Chicago, IL; and E P. Allis Company, Milwaukee, WI. and Controlling interest in the Bullock Electric Manufacturing Company. The company manufactured mining and milling machinery, turbines, farm tractors, engines and electrical apparatus.

Over the years Allis-Chalmers was responsible for many innovations in farm equipment and grew to become one of the largest and most diverse manufacturers in North America. However, Allis-Chalmers became the victim of rapidly changing financial times and was eventually forced to sell the farm equipment division to K-H-Deutz AG of Germany in 1985. Duetz sold to AGCO inc. in 1990.

Approximate Measurements:

Overall brass counter measures approximately 10.5 inches in diameter, 4 inches in height, brass counter engagement arm extends 4 1/4 inches in length and 9 inches in height. Substantial piece, weighing in at approximately 16 lbs (without packaging and shipping box).

Condition Report:

Wonderful condition is suggested. There are minor scratches and areas of discoloration throughout the article, all consistent with it's time in service. The internal counter still displays hints of the oil used to maintain it's working order. I elected to display this item just as I found it, appreciating the genuine appearance however I am sure one could bring this to a more "perfect" state, depending on the eye of the beholder.

A serious find for anyone's collection!





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