North Head Washington 1896 Lighthouse Construction


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A Rare and Unique Vintage Lighthouse Engineered Construction Plan/Design of the North Head Washington Light Station.

It is said that the North Head Lighthouse was built in response to a marked increase in the number of shipwrecks along the Peninsula as mariners coming from the north could not see the Cape Disappointment light. The 65-foot North Head Lighthouse was designed by German-born engineer C.W. Leick and sits on solid basalt more than 190 feet above sea level.

This is a remarkable piece, preserved since it's recorded origination of 1896. It appears the actual print has been decoupaged to a board which provides a very durable hard finish that promotes superior water resistance.

What a special and unique gift this would make for anyone who has a passion for Lighthouses and enjoyes the display of such original maritime treasures.

There are minor blemishes, including some slight wrinkles in the finish, which in my opinion do not take away from it's display of this extrodinary design. This has been a personal favorite of mine and enjoyed by many. One could very easily enhance it's already dinstinctive presense by having it professionally matted and framed. Would be such a great piece for an office, study or cottage.

Along with the amazing design there are many labels and notes such as the document title located at the very top of the design plan "NORTH HEAD, WASH., LIGHT STATION. Plate 3"

Additionally noted: "Engineer Office, 13th L-H District Portland, Oregon, March 24,1896 Tracings sent to Light-House Board with letter of this date." Signature present: "C.W.Leick" "Capt.Corps of Engineers, U.S.A. Engineer, 13th L-H.District."

Fig. 1 - Work-Room, Passage Way and Vestbule Fig. 2 - displays elevations with the proposed material and the main Light-House structure

Additional Research finds...

Location: Located just over two miles north of the mouth of the Columbia River, southwest of Ilwaco.
Latitude: 46.29891
Longitude: -124.07808

North Head Lighthouse which replaced Cape
Disappointment as the major seacoast light in
the area on May 16, 1898.

After Cape Disappointment Lightstation was established in 1856 to mark the entrance to the Columbia River,
mariners approaching the river from the north complained they could not see the light until they had nearly
reached the river. Their cry for an additional lighthouse was supported by the many shipwrecks,
which occurred along the Long Beach Peninsula, just north of the cape.

Construction of North Head Lighthouse began in 1896. The tower is brick masonry with a cement plaster
overlay built on a sandstone foundation. 69 steps lead to the lantern room, which is 65 feet from the
ground and 194 feet above sea level. The first-order Fresnel lens, which came from Cape Disappointment,
was lit for the first time on May 16, 1898.

Since the light is only two miles north of Cape Disappointment, North Head needed a distinct signature.
North Head shone a fixed white light, while Cape Disappointment alternated red and white flashes.

North Head is one of the windiest places in the United States. On January 29, 1921, winds were clocked
at 126 mph before the instrument blew away. They have frequently been measured at over 100 mph.

Perhaps it was the wind, or the long gloomy winter that drove one keeper's wife to her death in 1923.
Not being able to take it any more she committed suicide by flinging herself over the precipitous cliffs.
Second Assistant Keeper Frank C. Hammond recovered the body at extreme personal risk.

Approximate Measurements:

27.5" in height x 17.5" in width
The item weighs approximately 1.5 lbs





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