Rare Jas. P. Marsh & Co. Steam Pressure Gauge


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Rare Circa Early 1900's Jas. P. Marsh & Co. Gauge, stored within an Original Vintage American Steam Gauge & Valve MFG Co. Box.

Research tells us that this particular gauge was manufactured between 1907 and 1932. Marsh & Co. used the Jas.P.Marsh logo during that time period before they began making gauges in 1865. This pretty little piece has been proudly displayed within our personal museum for years. Hand-polished beautiful brass solid rim surrounds the dial face. The clear glass allows for complete view of the white face. Printed on the center area of the face you find: "HENION & HUBBELL CHICAGO, ILL." and printed at the bottom of the face is the famous Jas.P.Marsh & Company Chicago" logo. There is a bit of discoloration in spots of the white face. Since I have owned I have not opened the unit to attempt to clean. The crescent-moon pressure indicator/needle is intact,

There are many small blemishes throughout this item however I feel very comfortable lending the opinion that nothing takes away from it's substantial presence. There are tiny dents and scratches, consistent with said age and years of service...all just adding to it's honest natural patina.

The box is an item I have found to be of collector's interest just on it's own. It is made of pine, using the original dovetail method. The lid slides into a carved run.

Additional research shares...The American Steam Gauge Company was established formally in 1851 and incorporated in 1854. Based in Boston, the firm produced all sorts of steam gauges and steam indicators, as well as Amsler's polar planimeter, safety valves, speed indicators, water gauges, whistles, revolution counters, and Seth Thomas and Howard clocks. It also made pyrometers, hyrdrometers, salinometers, mercurial siphon gauges, and steamship equipment. By 1896, the firm had branch offices in New York and Chicago. Around 1902, the business took on a new name--the American Steam Gauge and Valve Manufacturing Company--and was reincorporated. It's home base was still Boston, but there were branches in New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta.
Biographical Dates: 1851 - 1902

Historical Dates:
incorporated 1854 reincorporated with new name 1902 - 1903 American Steam Gauge & Valve Mfg. Company

Cultural Region: United States
Place of Origin: Boston

(1896 - )
American Steam Gauge Company
34, 36, and 38 Chardon Street
Boston, Massachusetts

(1908 - )
American Steam Gauge & Valve Mfg. Co.
208-220 Camden Street
Boston, MA

Approximate Measurements:

Overall diameter, 7 inches

Glass face is 5 inches in diameter

Weighs approx. 3 lbs





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