US GAUGE CO NY Oil to Governor Brass U.S. Gauge Co. Instrument


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ANTIQUE U.S.Gauge Co Pressure Instrument - Rare Glass over Dial Oil to Governor Brass & Cast Iron Collector's Article.

This gauge displays great with it's hand polished brass and black cast iron case. A nice contrast and great addition to one's collection!

Unsure of it's origin...research finds such a vintage gauge used within the nautical and railroad industry. The gauge meters from 0 - 100. There is not a date stamp. On the bottom of the gauge you will find what appears to be a hand-drawn or carved "67". Your guess is as good as mine. It weighs approximately 4.5 pounds. Measures approx. 7 7/8 in overall diameter. Brass bezel measures 7 1/4 in diameter and the glass 5 5/8 in diameter. The brass trim that holds the glass is still a bright yellow-cast in color. Although there are many small dents and scratches these join together with this articles natural patina to make for a great presentation. It is unknown if it works as I have only called upon this item for display purposes.

Printed on the white face just below the indicator's center is "OIL TO GOVERNOR". At the bottom of the face you find the famous "U.S. GAUGE CO N.Y." makers mark. Along the very bottom reads "MADE IN U.S.A. 6AD-9607".





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