Rare & Special Brass Ashcroft Co. Steam Gauge



A Rare & Special VINTAGE BRASS ASHCROFT MFG CO. Solid Drawn Tube Steam Gauge. Trade Mark by E.H. Ashcroft - Boston Mass.1876<br /><br />You find the following printed on the face:<br /><br />"ASHCROFT MF'G CO." "NEW YORK & BRIDGEPORT."<br /><br />"TRADE MARK E.H. ASHCROFT BOSTON MASS. 1876"<br /><br />"SOLID DRAWN TUBE WARRANTED"<br /><br />"REGISTERED AUG.21, 1876 STEAM 13695"<br /><br />In addition to the above, and possibly a real gift in this articles worth...you find handwritten on the lower bottom left area of the dial face the date "8-14-43" and initials "__". I wish I could be certain of how the initials read. I will let you determine this. <br /><br />The complete brass casing is beautiful. It does show many blemishes consistent with it's age...Small dents, discoloration and scratches. I have made the attempt to preview this within the photos. The glass is solid. clear and intact. No concerns with being able to view the unique style and detail that was crafted into this piece. The crescent moon indicator is so fitting with it's design. The dial face does present areas of discoloration, scratches and minor dents. I have not removed it's brass rim as I prefer to display such an item just as it was found. Such markings seem almost sentimental to it's existence. With this said I am sure it could be polished up if one wanted a more crisp and shiny display.<br /><br />This is a very unique and solid collector's article.<br /><br />Approximate Measurements: <br /><br />Overall brass casing 8.5" in diameter (back) X 2 1/4" deep<br /><br />The face/glass 6 1/4" in diameter<br /><br />The brass rim surrounding the glass face measures 8" in diameter<br /><br />Weighs approximately 6 lbs (without packaging materials and shipping box)<br /><br />





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