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Rare CROSBY STEAM GAGE & VALVE CO. Pressure Gauge, Manufactured for the famous T.S. MARVEL SHIPBUILDING COMPANY of NEWBURGH, N.Y. Circa Late 1800's to Early or Mid 1900's.

This is a real collector's item...It has been professionally mounted for a museum quality display. Just a real pretty piece which has brought about much conversation during it's years presented within our personal maritime museum. Research tells us that Thomas S. Marvel and John Delany started T. S. Marvel & Company in 1884. The name was changed to T. S. Marvel Shipbuilding Company in 1904, when Delany left the firm. The yard closed in 1914 but was reopened by Marvel's son Harry in 1923. It finally closed at the end of WWII. T.S. Marvel Shipbuilding Company, located in Newburgh New York approximately 55 miles north of New York City on the Hudson River was in business from 1886 to 1914. Marvel built a wide range of vessels from Steam Tugs to passenger ships and yachts.

Research further shares... Crosby Steam Co - Makers of Steam Whistles Clocks Steam Engine Indicators, Gages Bourdon Water Test Combination Altitude Recording, Gage Boards Cocks Siphons Test Pumps Cocks 3-way, safety Relief Pop Valves, Locomotive Portable Farm Engine Steam Fire Engine, Stationary Marine & Yacht Valves, Air Water Counters, Locomotive Engine Revolution Registers, Crank Index
Cylinder Lubricator, Victory Lubricator Oil Feeders, S.L.V. Water Column, Sight Glass, Scotch Glass Tubes, Pyrometer Pantograph and Amsler's Polar Planimeter

This antique Crosby gauge is very substantial, weighing in at approximately 10 lbs, including the rich solid oak (sitting/wall mount) stage.

It's approximate measurements: Oak base measures just over 10.5" in diameter, Brass gauge housing 8" in diameter, 3 3/4" deep, Glass dial face measures 6.5" in diameter.

Maker's Mark at the bottom of the face "CROSBY STEAM GAGE & VALVE CO. BOSTON, U.S.A." and the Serial No. "537 035". Surrounding the dial indicator is "T.S. MARVEL SHIPBUILDING COMPANY, NEWBURGH, N.Y." Very unique and collectable article!! Overall great condition!

The dial face does have some areas of discoloration however the numbers and text are still very visible as the photos display for you. The brass face rim and body of gauge is in very good condition but does contain some small dents, scratches and discoloration as well. The glass face is clear and intact but does have some tiny marks. If taken apart one might be able to just clean these right away. A small area within the top of the glass appears to have an internal chip...but I would strongly suggest none of these imperfections take away from this piece, instead they seem to mingle nicely with it's natural patina, providing one beautiful presentation.

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