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Presenting for sale this Rare Vintage Hohmann & Maurer Brass Thermometer - Pre Taylor Instrument Companies! Circa 19th C

Research tells us the "H & M" insignia found embossed within the top of the brass indicator represents The Hohmann & Maurer Thermometer Mfg. Co.,N.Y. This company ultimately, said to be early 20th century, became the Taylor Instrument Companies, Rochester N.Y.

Interesting research further finds...Henry W. Maurer was born in Murten Switzerland. His father died due to a fall, while roofing a home, when Henry was a young boy of 6. This forced his older brothers to find work. They found employ along the French Rivera as cooks and waiters. Henry joined them when he finished school. He became quite a notable cook and was hired by Nicholas Fish, the US Ambassador to Switzerland at the time, and it is believed to be the way Henry gained passage to the United States. Mr. Fish helped him get settled in New York city. He met his future wife Adele Marie Stofelth at the Church of the Strangers in NYC. Adele loaned Henry money to open a business men's lunchroom called the French Restaurant at 39 Ann Street, 2nd door below Nassau Street in NYC, in 1884. His business card states he served regular dinner for twenty-five cents. He proposed marriage to Adele, but they wouldn't marry until after he had repaid the loan. In 1885 Henry and a lunchroom patron started the Hohmann & Maurer Thermometer Mfg. Co. in a lab at 167 William St. NYC. Henry and Adele married in 1888, in Steinway (Astoria) NY. The Hohmann & Maurer Manufacturing Co. participated in the 1893 Worlds Fair, held in Chicago, Ill. Their exhibit was located in the Liberal Arts building. The Maurers moved to Rochester in the summer of 1896 and resided at 261 Warwick Street. Hohmann & Maurer Mfg. Co. continued operations,with offices at 85 Chambers St. NYC and was purchased by Taylor Instruments in 1907. Henry was on the Board of Directors of Taylor Instruments until his death in 1934. His died as the result of an automobile accident in Syracuse, Ny. He and his son Stewart were returning from the family summer home in Falmouth, Mass., so that Henry could attend a Taylor Instrument Board of Directors meeting.

Measuring 15.5 inches in length, this instrument's beautiful patina extends throughout the entire article, making it an absolute wonderful display piece. It has been securely mounted on what appears to be a solid teakwood platform. The brass casing shows very elegant and rich as it surrounds the black indicator's interior. Thermometer numbers are easily read (range 100 to 750 degrees Fahrenheit) through the clear glass. There is some natural paleness in areas of the black, consistent with it's time in service. I have not opened the unit, which it appears is very possible for further restoration or repair. I am guessing this could easily be brightened up if one so desired. I have appreciated and displayed this rare piece just as was acquired. With it's many minor blemishes, including scratches, dents and discoloration, I would like to offer the opinion, as hopefully the photos reveal, none of these imperfections detract from it's overall regal display or value. Collector's will appreciate and be sensitive to the "H & M" factor.

Such an instrument is said to have been used in the operation of a steam train or ship's boiler room, ect., making this a wonderful addition to either your antique train, ship or thermometer collection.

As mentioned earlier, the "H&M" insignia is found at the very top portion of the brass instrument. Under the glass, at the top right-hand portion of the black indicator, the following is displayed within a circle format - "REG'D, TRADE MARK Tycos ROCHESTER, N.Y.". At the bottom of the brass indicator you see distinctly carved/embossed "TAYLOR INSTRUMENT COMPANIES ROCHESTER NY USA"

Approximate Measurements:

From bottom of wood base to top of Brass thermometer - overall height measures 20 1/8 inches.

Bottom of wood base, first platform measures 5 1/2 inches in width, next platform area 2 1/2 inches wide, top platform area at 3 1/2 inches wide.

Brass thermometer measures 15 1/2 inches overall height and 2 5/8 inches in width.

Glass face approx.11 1/4 inches in height by 1 7/8 inches wide.

Weight, approximately 3 lbs

A very unique and substantial item! I thank you for your interest.





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