Rare HENRY LEPAUTE of Antique Clock


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Rare Genuine Henry Lepaute of Paris France Antique Brass Clock Article. Circa Late 1800's to Early 1900's.

This is the real deal - Extraordinary Find.

Research shares... Probably the most well known firm of French lens makers was HENRY-LEPAUTE (Le-Po-tay) of Paris. Many sources consistently list this firm as Henry Lepaute, or as Henry LePaute, as if Henry were a first name and Lepaute a surname. This is incorrect. Augustin Michael Henry, whose family was a major clock making family in France, began to work with Augustin Fresnel in 1825, designing the clockworks that would power the revolving lenses for lighthouses. He continued working with the Fresnel brothers supplying clockworks and later the lenses themselves, and opened his own factory in 1838. Augustin Henry's mother's maiden name was Paute. Her brothers were the Royal clockmakers to the French King from the 1750s. In 1854, Henry requested and received permission to add his mother's maiden name to his, changing his last name and that of the company to Henry-Lepaute, no doubt to further associate himself and his company with the prestigious name of the great clockwork company of the Pautes.

This antique Lepaute article is very substantial, weighing in at approximately 20 lbs.

Approximate measurements:

- Solid cast iron base mounting structure measures just over 10 1/4" in length, 5 1/8" in height and 6.5" in width.

- Brass gear housing 6" in length by 5" in width, by approx. 2" in height

- Dial face measures 9 3/4" in diameter, including the 1/2" of brass plate which supports and trims out the actual white dial.

- Intricate Brass pendulum measures 10 1/4 in length

The famous "HENRY - LEPAUTE - PARIS" lettering in a round maker's mark and Serial No. "6998" are found stamped within the underside of the brass gear section. Printed on the white face in black lettering "HENRY - LEPAUTE" and "5, Rue Halevy PARIS". Just a Very Unique and interesting article, even with it's extreme wear, which the photos clearly display for your review. The brass gears are in beautiful condition. The detail is fabulous in this mechanisms chamber. The brass is shiny, with it's genuine patina preserved over the years. Scratches present, consistent with said estimate of age. The substantial cast iron mount shows age but intact and still doing it's job. Gears appear to work however I have never aspired to test nor restore.

Where this fine piece was actually called to serve is unknown. One with more insight into such pieces may be able to track further record assessments.





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