Walker's KNOTMASTER Antique Taffrail log with box and all parts


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Rare Walker's "KNOTMASTER" Mark II LOG, made in England by Thos. Walker & Son Ltd. Ca 1930

Research tells us that such a complete original instrument was used by ships to determine distance traveled during foggy or overcast conditions.

This unit comes in it's original pine wood box measuring approximately 20.5" x 6 3/8" and is 4.25" deep with lid closed. The box was well built using a finished dovetail joint, noted for it's resistance in being pulled apart. Two brass hooks and pins hold the lid closed. This item is said to date from the 1930's and comes with everything you see in the photos, including it's natural patina. The unit looks to be made of a heavy black metal with brass screws and a brass rim surrounding the glass face. The hinged glass door is about 3.25" in diameter. You can easily read the face although some of the oil has made it's way around a portion of the edge. The fins on the spinners are intact however one appears to have been replaced.

Many fine collector's of such historical memorabilia prefer the authentic condition. We are banking on this approach as you can clearly see in the pictures this is about as raw and untouched as it gets.

Printed on the original label on the front of the box is the following: "Walker's MODEL KDS "KNOTMASTER" LOG Mark II" "Made in England by Thos. Walker & Son Ltd., 58, Oxford Street, Birmingham" There is also a small label located on the top right-hand corner of the main label which displays "AE and the numbers 875. There are portions that have been worn away.

Another label is found in the center of the interior of the lid and reads; "GLOBE NAUTICAL INSTUMENTS Co., Inc. Compass Adjusters & Chronometer Makers U.S.GOVERNMENT CHART AGENTS 121 W. 7th St. San Pedro, California TERMINAL 2-3967.

We have not tested this unit and it is being sold as is.

Unit weighs in at approx 11 lbs without packaging material and shipping box.

Great gift for that special person in your life who thinks they have just about everything they could want Nautical. This is a very cool item that sings of it's years in service.





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