Pair of Salvaged Ship's Passage / Bulkhead Lights


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Russell and Stoll Co. Passageway/Bulkhead Lights, restored to a museum-quality presentation for executive display.

This original set was recovered prior to the creation of the Michigan Underwater Preserve, from One of Michigan's Largest Shipwrecks - The Cedarville.

R&S Co. made these lights to be used on various naval and commercial ships. Made of heavy brass casting the light housing is securely attached to a substantial electrical junction box, which has been painted white and sealed for protection. The brass housing on each of these lights has been powder coated for optimal protection. They really make for a beautiful pair. The cast iron cage surrounding the quality glass globe displays the "R & S CO" insignia. There are some small chips and dents, consistent with their time in service but nothing takes away from their display.

On the thick glass globe you will find etched the initials "H R", and embossed in the glass is again the "R & S CO" insignia.
Found towards the bottom of the cage, to the inside - facing the electrical housing, carved in the cast iron one shows, as best I can read, "2419-B" and the other "2418-0. If you look closely through the glass globe, surrounding the actual light fixture, you find "The Russell & Stoll Co New York". It also looks to include "CAT No 110"

Research shares with us...
On May 7, 1965 Captain Martin Joppich and 34 crew had the Cedarville steaming full speed through fog toward the Mackinac Bridge. Their radar showed the Weissenberg heading toward them, having just cleared the Bridge at 9:38 a.m. When the Weissenberg reported another vessel ahead of them, Captain Joppich reduced speed and frantically began looking through the murk and on radar. Suddenly the mystery ship showed on the radar screen and appeared in the fog, bearing down on them fast.
Despite an evasive turn, the Cedarville was hit on the port side by the Topdalsfjord and begin filling rapidly. Captain Joppich made a last-minute dash for shallow water, but Lake Huron claimed the ship before grounding. When it rolled over and sank, several crew were trapped in the engine room, others died in the frigid Straits. In all 10 lives were lost. This was the second loss of a freighter for the small town of Rogers City; for the Carl Bradley had gone down in Lake Michigan in 1958, with 33 lives lost.

One of Michigan's largest shipwrecks at a length of 588 feet, a steel self loading freighter built in 1927. On May 7 1965 she was running fast in the fog & collided with a Norwegian freighter And capsized in 120 feet of water. Her final resting place is about 3 miles east of the Mackinaw bridge. Very intact & exploration of the interior of her by qualified technical divers is very exciting.

Approximate Measurements for each:
From the bottom of the electrical housing to the top of the light cage - 10 inches
From mounting area to front it is 7 inches deep
Glass globe is 4 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter

Each weighs approx. 4.5 lbs without packaging and shipping box

Their condition is very pleasing. There are some scuffs and tiny marks in the glass globes, none of which it is the opinion take away from the wonderful presentation of this light. The brass electrical casing is absolutely beautiful. I hope the photos shared will give you a good idea of this items condition. Shown for display only - not tested.

These would make for a wonderful addition to anyone's nautical collection or maritime decor...or one heck of a nice gift for someone special you may know who has an appreciation for such historical memorabilia.





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