Antique Brass Miniature Deep Sea Diver's Helmet


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An Unusually Old Vintage Antique Brass Miniature Replica of a Deep Sea Diver's Helmet. Great little find!

Made of brass this helmet is a fine representation of an original and will make a stunning addition to any nautical or Navy theme collection. Very cool article!

You will not find a makers mark or date present. I have had this stored within my personal maritime museum for many years. It weighs approximately 1-2 lbs. Height - just over 3" and at the widest point of the shoulder base it measures approx. 3-1/4". Diameter of helmet approx. 2-3/4".

I have left the finish as found, which lends to it's vintage charm. It has more of a matte finish, with some discoloration and small scratches and dents. Each of the vents have a glass interior which is intact. Important to note that one of the vents does not fit securely within the helmet and will easily fall out if moved abruptly. Overall, I would suggest this to be a very nice little article. If not for your own nautical decor perhaps it would make for a very unique gift.

I thank you for your interest.





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