Antique Military 'Star within Wreath' Emblem Caps


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A unique pair of regal designed Antique Military 'Star within Wreath' Emblem Caps / Hardware. I am not sure if these are made of gunmetal, brushed pewter or cast iron. I hope the pictures will tell more of a story than I am able. They are a silver gray tone with what appears as a black brushed pewter look. The back of each of the articles is black with a natural patina lending an aged or worn appearance. consistent with possible age of origination.

You will not find a makers mark or date present. On the back side of each of the articles the number "5211" is engraved at the top center location of the wreath. In the center of each of the stars you find a single number (2 or 3).

Found at the bottom of each of the items is an area where they would have attached to another piece of hardware. The opening is small, approximately 3/4ths of an inch in length and under 5/8ths of an inch wide. A screw would secure the attachment. What appears as an original screw is found on one of the articles. The other is missing.

This pair might very well be a valuable find...or I would like to suggest, they certainly warrant a spot within one's collection or military decor.

Each article measures approximately 3" in diameter and 3-3/4ths" in length. Each weighs approx. one pound.

I thank you for your interest.
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