US Gauge Co.Steam Engine Pressure Process Gauge


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Nice Brass & Stainless U.S.GAUGE Solfrunt Pressure Gauge.

Research shares...such quality process gauges are specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the chemical and petroleum processing industries, and are also widely used in industries such as fossil fuel and nuclear power generation, aerospace and marine.

If a gauge can be pretty this one is. It show's well with high-polished brass and stainless casing surrounding the white dial face. Printed along the top of the face, and very legible through the clear glass "U.S. GAUGE 19014" . Below the center of dial, very faded reads "SERVICE". Towards the bottom center you find "SOLFRUNT". Just below this is what appears as a USG makers mark. Also found along the bottom of the face; "MOVI STAINLESS NYLON CONN-BRASS TUBE-BERYL...what appears as "FIG" then an additional number that I cannot make out.

This gauge has many scratches, small dents and discolorations from it's years in service. If someone had the knowledge and time they could further restore this to a very crisp and regal appearance if the genuine patina is not to their liking.

Article has not been tested for working condition report. It should be further noted that the backing does come off and is not sealed. I am selling it just as received to allow for entry to gauge mechanism.

For the collector...this would sure make for an attractive addition to any U.S. GAUGE collection!

Approximate Measurements:

Overall Gauge - 7 5/8 inches in diameter and 3 1/4 inches deep

The glass face - 5 1/2 inches in diameter

Weighs approximately 4 lbs (without packaging materials and shipping box)

I appreciate your interest.
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