Vintage USCG Coast Guard Buoy Blue Red Signal Mark


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A very substantial pair of Vintage USCG Buoy Signal Marker Lights.

Date of actual origination is unknown. Manufacturer unknown. Both lights appear to have been restored however working order is not known. This pair was purchased as you see them and stored within my Maritime Museum. Great pair which would make for an interesting and regal addition to any nautical decor.

Appears these lights are housed by a cast iron metal. Both have been painted white, with what appears to include the powder finish. One of the glass Fresnel globes is a beautiful rich ruby red while the other a deep blue. There are chips, scratches, dents and blemishes within each of the articles however none, in my opinion, take away from their presence. This pair has seen it's years in service. I am sure with a bit of time these could become a grand display.

On the light with the red globe, found on the base is: "3199 AF"

On the light with the blue globe, the base displays the number "3199".

Approximate Measurements:

Each of the lights measure 24" in height and 12" in diameter.

The glass globes each measure 6-5/8" in height.

The pair weigh in at approx. 60 lbs (without packaging/shipping)

Please note: Shipping of these two lights will be a a bit costly based on their weight. I insure all items and package as securely as possible for safe transit.

I appreciate your interest!
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