3rd Middle 800mm Chance Brothers Lighthouse Fresnel Lens


Stock Number: #67


1906 Lighthouse fresnel Lens from "Bailey Islet", Queensland, Australia. Fantastic 100 point restoration done here in our shop over a two year period. This is the finest and most intact lens we have seen in this size. The Chance Brothers Lens works in Birmingham, England produced it in 1906 for the Australian Maritime Authority and installed in The Bailey Islet lighthouse where it was powered by a 55mm Chance brothers IOV Kero lamp, which is also available and in WORKING condition. Range for this stunning beauty is approximately 17 miles, and we have a vintage 1000 watt bulb changer to go with it. The original cast iron lens Pedestal is not included but available. There are pictures of the restoration in our gallery pages. Absolutely the best of it's kind anywhere in the world.





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