Brass Charles J Tagliabue Gas Filled Tube Thermome


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UNIQUE Heavy Brass, Charles J.Tagliabue of New York Gas Filled Tube Thermometer Circa 19th c RARE FIND!

Measuring 16 3/8ths inches in length, this vintage instrument's patina makes it an absolute wonderful display piece. The beautiful brass housing and instrument cover shows elegant as it surrounds the indicator's black interior. Thermometer numbers are easily read (range 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit - non-glass) with the unique side to side scale. There is some natural paleness in areas of the black, consistent with it's time in service. This could easily be brightened up if one so desired. I have appreciated and displayed this rare piece just as was acquired. With it's many minor blemishes, including scratches, dents and discoloration, I would like to offer the opinion, as hopefully the photos reveal, none of these imperfections detract from it's overall display or value. Please review photos closely for item's condition.

Weighing approximately 8 lbs, this substantial instrument is suggested to have been used in the operation of a steam train, ship or commercial manufacturing site boiler room ect., making this a wonderful addition to either your antique train, ship or general vintage thermometer collection, not to mention the collector's of C.J. Tagliabue historical memorabilia. The original cast cap, used when disconnected from active fluid line is still attached. You can see easily within the last two photos.

"ABH, TRADE MARK" insignia is found at the very top portion of the brass indicator. At the bottom in brass is "CHAS.J.TAGLIABUE, 53 FULTON ST NEW YORK". In the center of the brass cover door "C.J.TAGLIABUE TRADE MARK ABH NEW YORK". On the right-hand lower portion of the black indicator the following is displayed within a circle format - "CHARLES J. TAGLIABUE, TRADE MARK ABH, NEW YORK". To the right of this..."GAS FILLED TUBE". Found embossed on the back of the indicator again is "CHARLES J. TAGLIABUE, 53 FULTON ST. NEW YORK."

Collector's like articles with insignias present and makers marks. This one is painted with them! Just very unique and special appeal.

Approximate Measurements:

Overall indicator's height measures 18 3/8 inches by 1 1/2 inches deep

Bottom of base, where tube connector and heavy threaded bolt resides, measures 7 inches in length and 2 1/2 inches at widest point.

A very cool item! I thank you for your interest.
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